The largiest handling volume of stainless steel wire in Japan

Delivery from worldwide market
The largiest automatic distibution warehouse in wire industry (2,700Mt of stock)


Company Overview

Capital 30,000,000 yen
Sales JPY 11.4 Bilion
Officer President: Shinichiro Nishii/ Chairman Atsushi NIshii/ Director:Chiyoko Tomita(General manager, Administration Dept)/ Director Minoru Ishino(General manager , Sales Dept)/Managing executive officer: Keisuke Ueda/ Auditor: Yuko Nishii / Auditor(external) Umeno Sotoji
Employees 37
Establishment Nishii Atsushi (Current Chairman) established Shinko Stainless (Japan) in Osaka ,September 1979 based on his experience and knowledge in stainless steel wire and the industry, seeking "What is the truely useful distributor of stainless steel wire ?"
The origin of company name The origin of life must be the sunlight. There are some promises between the sun and the earth ' The sun rises in the morning and gives energy to the earth. This energy of the sunlight is the very origin of all creatures including human being. This promise which has been kept for a long time between the sun and human being. We would like to be the company who fulfils a promise all the times like the Sun. We named our compay as 'Shinko' .
Business contents Business contents the biggest distributor of stainless steel wire specialized not only in stainless steel , but also Titanium , Aluminum , other Non-ferrous metal and some special metal. From the selection of grade type of material to the delivery, we are a total cordinator for customers . We carry 10,000kinds of items which include the smallest size of 11μmm (Micrometer=One thousandth of 1mm) and bigger size. We handle round bar, structural steel, sheet steel , and raw material for processed products. Our stock has over 2,000MT all the time based on our own knowhow and knowledge. and we serve a large variety in small lots. SHINKO is the specialized distributor who is always close to the customer and supplies various kinds of materials and valuable information.
Sales Item ◆Stainless steel steel wire and those raw materials and supply development
・Fastners/screw, Mesh, Wire rope, free-cutting steel
・Construction materials, stainless steel roofs
・Car/bicycle for safety parts and air bag related parts
・Stainless steel extra fine wire mesh for Electronic circuits
・Supply, develop and sales of medical related equipment.
◆Supply round bar , pipe , angle , channel, flange , structural steel
◆Supply steel sheet and steel strip ◆Supply, develop and sale of Titanium/aluminum/magnesium and other special alloy materials.
◆Diamond dies(Sole agent of Balloffet (France) in Japan).
Automatic warehouse Automation rack system (Head office(1), distribution center(2))
Crane (3) Forklift/Truck/Data management system(sales, stock, inspection certificate etc.)
Head office 3-5-15 Nagata , Higashi Osaka, Osaka
TEL.06-6789-0456 FAX.06-6789-0553
Tokyo Branch 701 Grace Takanawa Building,
2-14-17 Takanawa,Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-0074,Japan
TEL.(+81)-3-5488-8701 FAX.(+81)-3-5488-8703
Nagoya Sales Branch 3F GS Sakae Building,
5-26-39 Sakae,Naka-ku,Nagoya 460-0008,Japan
TEL.(+81)-52-261-1780 FAX.050-3153-7108
Logistics Center 2-9-16 Imagome, Higashi-Osaka, Osaka,578-0903,Japan
Tel. (+81)-72-960-3720  Fax. (+81)-72-960-3730
SHINKO STAINLESS (THAILAND) 10/171(2101E) The Trendy Building21st Floor,
Soi Sukhumvit 13,Klongtoey Nua,Wattana,
Bangkok10110 THAILAND
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1979 Atsushi Nishii. the current Chairman who had worked in Nippon Yakin Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Nippon Seisen Co., Ltd. established Shinko Sangyo in ltachibori, Osaka based on his expertise over many years and on a proposition "What is the really useful distributor of stainless steel wire?".
1981 Joined Metal One Corporation (the former Nissho-Iwai Group) and set up the Overseas division. To expand operation and increase business as a trading company specialized in stainless steel wire, the company name changed to Shinko lndustry Corporation.
1982 Established Higashi-Osaka distribution center at the current location. It is located in the logistics center of the Kansai economic zone and close to an expressway interchange .
1988 Moved the main office to Higashi-Osaka. Newly completed the main office building with automaic warehouse facilities. changed the name to Shinko Corporation to conform to the actual business operations.
1990 Started international trade in 1980s and established lnternational division.
1993 Opened Tokyo branch.
Started marketing stainless steel swimming pools, etc
1994 Became the exclusive sales agent for Balloffet (France), the world's top manufacturer of diamond dies
1995 Attended the exhibition for the first time in the 7th Tokyo lnternational Wire Show.
Started development of landscape products.
Established JPM in Los Angeles.
Started marketing of big stainless steel roofs.
1996 Exended the main office building and completed a new warehouse.
Exhibited at the lnternational Wire Show at Dusseldorf,Germany jointly with Balloffet
1997 Developed stainless steel airbag filters for automobiles and started sales in USA and Canada
1998 Exhibited at the 8th Tokyo lnternational. Wire Show
1999 Developed stainless steel wire and straight bars for lead screws used in IT related equipment
2000 Launched ASEAN Marketing Section
2002 Increased capital. Started the SS Promotion Association, employee shareholding association. Relocated Tokyo branch.
2006 Acquired land adjacent to the main office building and a new site for a warehouse
2007 Acquired land for the Distribution Center
2008 Started construction of the largest Distribution Center in Japan
2009 Completion of the Distribution Center,and acquired ISO9001-2008 registration number A21 8325
2010 Completed construction of Visualization system and mill sheet data management system construction. Introduced by TV(NHK)
2011 Chief Executive Officer alternation.A new president took office.
2014 Tokyo branch moved to SHINAGAWA.
Planning to establish the affiliated company in Thailand,
which completed in December.
TV:KENJYA NO SENTAKU(Brodcasted on August 31st)
2015 SHINKO STAINLESS(TAHILAND) Opening ceremonoy at Bangkok.
2017 To expand the business of Tokyo branch, they moved to our own floor in the building and renovated it. NAGOYA sales office opened. SHINKO STANILESS(THAILAND) was relocated.
2018 ISO 9001-2015 Shift examination, Acquired .
2019 Acquired the site for our second warehouse and new parking lot in the headquarter. 40th anniversary event was held.
2020 The new core system is installed . The forefront software helps the improvement of work efficiency.
2021 Start planning to construct a second distribution center (HIGASHI OSAKA CITY KANO)
2022 Achievement of annual turnover by 10 billion yen
Start construction of second distrubution center
Introduction of updated backbone system
Introduction of Tensilon inspection macine
Introduction of measuring microscope
Introduction of chemical composition analysis equipment


  • 3-5-15 Nagata , Higashi Osaka, Osaka

    TEL:06-6789-0456 / FAX:06-6789-0553

  • 701 Grace Takanawa Building,
    2-14-17 Takanawa,Minato-ku,Tokyo 108-0074,Japan

    TEL:(+81)-3-5488-8701 / FAX:(+81)-3-5488-8703

  • 3F GS Sakae Building,
    5-26-39 Sakae,Naka-ku,Nagoya 460-0008,Japan

    TEL:(+81)-52-261-1780 / FAX:050-3153-7108

  • Logistics Center

    Logistics Center

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    2-9-16 Imagome, Higashi-Osaka, Osaka,578-0903,Japan

    TEL:(+81)-72-960-3720 / FAX:(+81)-72-960-3730



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    10/171(2101E) The Trendy Building21st Floor,Soi Sukhumvit 13,Klongtoey Nua,Wattana,Bangkok 10110 THAILAND

    TEL:+66-(0)2-168-7873 / FAX:+66-(0)2-168-7873