The largiest handling volume of stainless steel wire in Japan

Delivery from worldwide market
The largiest automatic distibution warehouse in wire industry (2,700Mt of stock)

Global Expansion

We charrange to expand the business channels of ASEAN.

SHINKO STAINLESS (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. which is the joint venture in Thailand provides the technichal sapport of drowing wires for Japanese campanies and smooth material supply to them. SHINKO STAINLESS (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. must become the hub for adapting to TPP and elimination of mutual tariffs of ASEAN in Southeast Asia.

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We expand our business overseas.

We have been making efforts to expand the business with the western campanies and of cource asian campanies in anticipation of hollowing out and globalizasion of the domestic industry. Is it possible to prevent from relocation of production to overseas? We purcahse competitive materials from domestic and abroad and develope sales sysytems for our customers ahead of other companies.

SHINKO STAINLESS(JAPAN) CO., LTD. keeps blowing new wind from Japan.

In the era of borderless such as today, both information and needs are borderless as well. We regards that the important thing is not only to catch the new information and needs but also find the possibility of new market from them. SHINKO is the specialized trading company of the stainless steel materials that contribute the technological innovation by exporting the high quality products of Japan to the Asia and importing the general purpose products from Asia. We want to support the development of the new technology and expanding the market with the global perspective and quick action.