The largiest handling volume of stainless steel wire in Japan

Delivery from worldwide market
The largiest automatic distibution warehouse in wire industry (2,700Mt of stock)


stainless steel (main), nonferrous metal such as titanium and aluminum, other special metals.

WE SHINKO, as a specialized distributor, work on not only importing/exporting the products but also from suggestion of product information to the selection of grade type product. We totally coordinate them for the customers. We deal with 10,000kinds of items, including the smallest size of 11μmm(Micrometer: One thousand of 1 mm) and bigger size. In addition, we deal with the round bar, structural bar, sheet steel, and raw material for processed products. 2700MT of materials are constantly stored and small lot and large variety can be handled. Those material are for automotive, aircraft, OA equipment, Electric appliances, daily necessities, leisure goods etc… it will be produced to meet various demands and application.