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Diamond dies

The leading company of diamond dies who made it possible to draw with diamond dies first in the world

BALLOFFET is the first comany who made it possible to draw wire with diamond dies. In 1870, BALLOFFET was established in Lagnieu . They succeeded in drilling by laser for the first time in the world and is reputed the most advanced company in diamond dies. The smallest size is 7μ and the preciseness is 0.1μ of diameter tolerance.

■The size range (For Round wire )

  • ND (Natural Diamond) 7μ~3mm (Tolerance: 0.1μ)
  • SSCD (Synthetic Monocrystal) 7μ~1.8mm
  • PCD(Polycrystalline) 30μ~33mm


■Shaped dies:

  • SSCD…Min 20μ Max 1.0mm
  • PCD… Min 0.80mm Max 25.0mm


■Others …

  • Tubing dies Stranding
  • Compacting dies…diamond dies for rope.

※We can handle machine to produce and inspect dies .