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Titan and Aluminum, etc

Please feel free to inquire about the titan, aluminum, special grade steel, other steels.

■ Titanium:Titanium is divided into two types, pure titan and titanium alloy.Titanium is very light, and has great resistance against the corrosion. Specific gravity of titanium is 4.51g/cmm3 and half as heavy as those of copper and nickel, three-fifths as heavy as that of iron. Specific strength is much more strong than that of stainless steel and common steel, and three times as strong as that of aluminum. Titanium is used in the field which needs strict quality, for example, chemical plant and aviation equipment electrical device construction, medical instrument, implant, high-technological device, etc since it has great corrosion resistance, great strength and great biocompatibility. Titanium is the latest material, but it is also used for decorative objects fishing instruments, glasses, etc which are common and close to us. The use of titanium has been spreading out day by day.

■Aluminum:The application of aluminum spread out to each field, by making the most use of such a special quality, became close to our lives and essential in the industrial field. More than 99% purity of aluminum is called pure aluminum, and The material that is added various kinds of elements to improve the quality is called aluminum alloy. Today, many aluminum materials are used in a lot of fields for example, cars, trains, airplanes, ship, and construction since these applications need to make the products as light as possible.We can make the aluminum stronger by adding magnesium, manganese, capper, silicon, zincum, rolling processing and and heat treatment. The main characteristic of aluminum is influenced by what kind of element are added, and how much quantity of element is added. Hence, we have to select the aluminum alloy that has appropriate characteristic according to the application.

Grade Titanium, Aluminum, Magnesium, Ni-ti monel, Molybdenum, Inconel, Tungsten, etc
Application Transmission, optical equipment, medical instrument, device of car, jet engine, leisure, decorative object etc.