The largiest handling volume of stainless steel wire in Japan

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The largiest automatic distibution warehouse in wire industry (2,700Mt of stock)

Rolled plate steel and plate steel.

In order to react to the variety kinds of request with small quantity production, please feel free to inquire regardless of the quantity.

■ Stainless rolled plate:

This is the stainless plate that have great resistance against the acid and corrosion. It has great ability to bend and squeeze, and is well known to have great ability to use for springs. The use has been exchanging from the previous field of steel and cupper to that of stailess steel.


■ Stailess steel plate:

・Cold rolled plate:

It is the hot-rolled plate that is rerolled with cold strip mill machine in the room temperature. The cold rolled plate accounts for most of the total plates products. It is easier to process the surface compared to the hot rolled plate, and mainly used for the device of the car, electrical equipment, and electrical appliances.

・Hot rolled plate:

This is the product that is used in various fields of products, car, electrical products, building material, container, and pipe, etc. This is the product that is rolled with hot strip mill and is often used.