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For fastner

Suggest the items depending on the application.

The important factor, is to select the right grade, coating, thermal refining for the application and processing content. We can offer customers  high resistance, proper hardness, non-magnetic materials for screws, fasteners, bolts and nuts for depending on the application and can suggest right selection of lubricant, tools as well as material.

Grade SUS304、304L、304J3、305J1、XM7、316、316L、384、430、434、410 etc
Diameter 0.8mm〜24mm (We can offer the other sizes too )
Refining SS(WSA)・SSP(WSB)
Finish NB(Standard)・EB(Extra Bright )・UB(Ultra Bright )
Coating None/CB(oxalate)/RD(resin)/BL(High lubricating resin)Grade: SUS304, 304L, 304J3

The heat resistance grade SUS316N, SUH660. High-strength fastner has 3 types (Austenite , Precipitation hardening) Please feel free to ask.