The largiest handling volume of stainless steel wire in Japan

Delivery from worldwide market
The largiest automatic distibution warehouse in wire industry (2,700Mt of stock)

For the general processing, architecture, construction

Customer can choose products from the wide range of grade depending on the status of use or processing method

Purpose of stainless steel products expands to meet the demands of the times. Stainless steel products have become popular in familiar places. For example, its are for the filtration aneling, industrial cleaning container, kitchenware, DIY supplies, bicycles and so on. We ensure to propose various grade depending on the features such as high strength, high corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, non-magnetic and so on. In addition, we not only select the optimal products considering the processing and material characteristic but also support optimal setting with abundant experience and new information.

Grade SUS304、304L、304N、316、316L、309、309S、310、310S、314、330、410、430
Diameter We can deal variety sizes, depending on the applications.
Usage box for industries.( Heat treatment, Surface treatment, Coating, Painting, etc) for the distribution, every day goods, household appliance. antenna for digital broadcasting, vehicles(bicycle, cars, construction machinery, specially permitted commercial vehicle, leisure, medical machinery, environment , every day goods)